June 01, 2020 | 2 comments
2020 is cursed.

hello, i have missed writing. my last entry was in 2018, when i first started matriculation programme. I have graduated in April (supposed to be) but because of the current pandemic the final exam was postponed, and it turned out heyyyy it got cancelled anyways.

I would say I graduated with flying colors. I have worked hard, i need to give myself a pat on the back for being able to survive the programme for two years.

I am now safely at home, and I just bought a new computer. I am thinking to look for a job, if not a part-time job because going to university soon requires a lot of  money.

these new norms, new ways of life, where are required to be one meter away from each other, not being able to visit friends, not going out as much are really challenging, who thought?

I miss my high school friends, all of them are in KK now, we've planned to meet each other but we can't just simply do that.

Oh, my family and I just moved to a new apartment, a new place to call home. It's better in terms of almost everything, spacious, and a new space to breathe. Our old home of course kept a lot of memories, my dad, my cats, and all the good and bad.

I don't know if anyone would ever read this but hey, stay safe and healthy.

June 23, 2018 | 0 comments
Assalamualaikum and hello ! Alhamdulillah, it's been a whole months since I first arrived here in Labuan. Ya Allah, I miss mommy and my sisters so much even though I have gone back to Sabah for raya. It's not a long holiday though, and inshaaAllah I'll go back home for mid sem holiday next month.

Life here is hectic. I really need to organise my schedule, develop a routine. I need to study, do my laundry, wash my own dishes, cook my own meal, and i really need to berjimat cermat.

I really need to stop procrastinating myself :( i haveeeeee to excel here. I have to.

So, Labuan is sooooo hot. Way hotter than KK. Urghh, i am sooo tan. Like really. the good thing is drinking lotssss of water has become a habit. Yeayy to that. But damn, instant noodles, the most eaten food here. It's not healthy tho but that way we can really save money.

Hmmmm, everyone here is nice. I have three room-mates. They're very nice. two of them are from Sarawak. Lots of Sarawakians. It's good as I have learnt their language, well, a little.

My classmates are superb. They are all very clever, and nice, and funny. erghhh I love them.

I think I have grown so much. I can now prioritise different aspects of my life wayyy better. Alhamdulillah.

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