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January 22, 2018 | 1 comments
Assalamualaikum :)

It's been a looong time since the last time I updated. I am not busy at all! It's just that whenever I turn on my computer, I always play my all time favorite game, THE SIMS!

Who else plays this game? I have the third edition. EA has launched its forth but nahhhh, the third one is okay.

So, in 3rd March, I will turn 18. I have seated for my SPM last year.

It was last week, when I received a letter. It says in the letter that I have been invited to an interview for an opportunity to continue on my studies in asasi sains. With A SCHOLARSHIP .

I talked to my mom about this and she said well why not. If ada rezeki then alhamdulillah if not what to do.

The interview was last Saturday. ALHAMDULILLAH, I passed the interview and they said the will email me the senarai of things that I should bring to the pendaftaran in Selangor.

My mom wasnt happy guys XD "Aik I thot u want me to go" I said. She then said she is worried that I cant take care of myself . She also told me to wait for Matriks offer because dekat jak if I dapat di Labuan.

Oh mom XD Well, as bad as I want to go Lincoln, but I dont want to leave my mom so soon. The pendaftaran is next month , the SPM result pun belum keluar lagi. Aihhh I am so torn !

Do u have any advice? Please, give me.

My sims have been married :D Just sharing.

December 05, 2017 | 1 comments


Hello everyone I am back after nearly a month sitting for SPM. Alhamdulillah all papers were good and I was able to answer . I really didn't have any idea what to write but after putting my thinking hat for quite some time I decided to share with ya'll how my daddy passed away.

Niat bukan untuk meraih simpati, tetapi hanya sekadar berkongsi. I have been missing him since he left, and I thought by sharing his story with you, terubat la sedikit rindu di hati.

It was February 2015. I was just form 3 ( 15 years old ).

One day, my daddy received a call from his niece saying that her daughter was going to be married with a Chinese guy. She invited all of us to the wedding. The wedding though, was located in Beluran / Telupid (my daddy's kampung) .

My daddy was sooooo excited to return to his hometown. The wedding would be held in the early February. I didn't want to go because I had a tournament in 2 or 3 days. I was an athlete and I really wanted to do well on that tounament. My younger sister too didn't want to go because she said that she didn't want to missed out on school and stuff. My eldest sister said the same thing, she had a job so she didn't want to ponteng.

So it was just my daddy and mommy . I clearly remember the date , the last time i talked to him and i salam his right hand and kissed him on his cheeks. It was 9th February, daddy sent me and my younger sister to school and they directly went to Beluran. Before I went out of the car, I remember saying " BE SAFE " to both of them.

Later that day, after I went home from school, I received a phone call from mommy saying that they had safely arrived . I was grateful .

They were there for 2 days. It was 11th February, mommy called that they were going home .

At around 4 pm that day, mommy called again. She said that daddy was involved in a car accident. " Mamy okay ka? " I asked. " Mamy okay ".

Daddy and mommy gerak dari kampung together. I thought it was just them in the car. Ada lagi satu orang dalam kereta and until now I dont know who that person was and I dont want to ask because that person was the cause of allll of this.

Dalam pertengahan jalan, daddy remembered that he left his topi. TOPI guys, TOPI. Daddy then said he wanted to turned back to his kampung just to get his TOPI back. Damn TOPI.

Mommy didn't want to go back. She said that it was bad luck kalau sudahn jalan tiba2 mo pusing balik. And the other person in car said " Jum la uncle saya kasi kawan ko balik".

Mommy went out frm the car and got herself a bus to KK.

On her way to KK, she received a phone call frm my aunty saying that daddy accident. Based on her story, tangan dady jammed and he couldn't control the stering and terlanggar batu besar. His car was flipped upside down.

Mommy returned to our home ssafely. She said that the next day she was going to Sandakan to take care of daddy because daddy was taken to Hospital Duchess of Kent.

He was in the ICU for a week.

It was 15 February, I think it was hari ahad . Mommy called us. Mamy said " Pulang la kamu Sandakan. Dady nazak".

Apa rasa di dalam hati? Tiada apa2. Saya rasa saya bodoh sebab biar diri masa tu tdk risau. Dalam fikiran saya, dady banyak kali accident and he survived allll of them. I thought that that wass just the same frm his previous accident.

Dan saya tanammm dalam fikiran yang daddy masi okay sbb mamy said that he is DYING , bukan DIED.

On our way to Sandakan, saya tdk mau mamy kol. Saya takut nnt dia kol bgtau daddy tda suda. Guess what, tda pun mamy kol. Yeayyyy konon dalam hati masa sampai d Sandakan tanpa dapat kol dari mamy.

My cousin picked us up frm terminal Sandakan. I thought kami mo kena bawa p Hospital tguk dady tapi kena bawa p rumah aunty.

Saya pun cakap la dalam hati, " oh, p rumah aunty. Daddy okay la suda tu".

Sampai2 d rumah aunty, mommy masa tu duduk. Dia terus pegang tangan saya, dia cakap " Maafkan mamy, daddy tda suda".


I didn't cry . I didn't. well masa tu jakk.

Mommy told us to go to bed. Masa mo tdur la nangis macam air terjun niagara falls.

And the rest of this story is meant to be kept . I dont want to share that part because it was just sooo hurtful.

Thank you for your time. Assalamualaikum.

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